Founded in 1994, Al Anwar Investments SAOG (Formerly Al Anwar Holdings SAOG) is one of Oman’s leading investment company that is publicly listed on the Muscat Securities Market. We have team of experienced industry veterans with over two decades of experience in investments.
Al Anwar was formed with a mandate to identify, promote and participate in equity of business ventures. Originally promoted for investments in Industrial ventures the company invested in Power sector, Oil & Gas, Glass and paints, Computer Stationery, Investment Castings, Construction & Infrastructure; and Packaging catering to the FMCG industry.
With Deep sector knowledge across industries, we seek to invest in well-positioned companies as well as medium-sized businesses and partner with management teams to create value through sustained revenue and earnings growth.

How we add value

We provide significant support to management teams in developing and executing their business strategies. We are an active investor who seeks to build a collaborative relationship with management teams.

We also assist in business challenges and opportunities such as:

  • New Products /services
  • International expansion
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Offshore manufacturing, etc.

Our Services

We partner with management teams to build value in businesses by driving sustainable earnings growth

As a private equity company, Al Anwar Investments focused mainly in Oman and the GCC region at large. Al Anwar targets growth capital and buyouts of in growing sectors. Al Anwar invests in dynamic small-to medium-sized businesses, working in partnership to create market-leading companies that deliver excellent returns to all shareholders. Al Anwar Investments has key alliances locally and internationally that will have a considerable impact in enhancing our deal flow as well as extending our regional reach.

We invest in a way that responsibly creates enduring value, superior returns and shared outcomes for our investors, partners, portfolio companies and their employees.

Our Investments

As a prudent private equity firm, Al Anwar makes viable strategic investments in various ventures with active participation in the projects. The focus of Al Anwar Investments’s is to nurture businesses within sectors that present an opportunity to add value and have an inherent competitive advantage.

Al Anwar sets no limitations on where it can invest. Al Anwar’s primary focus is on the financial services, Insurance sectors with secondary focus in the energy sector.

Present geographical focus is on Sultanate of Oman and the GCC region at large. Al Anwar is keen to look at other emerging economies and would preferably make strategic investments in ventures with active participation in the project.

Al Anwar, through its board representation, will participate in it till it reaches maturity. Share wealth with the investing populace by inviting public participation in matured investments.

Our Portfolio

Our Subsidiaries, Associates and other investments are in Oman and also in overseas markets.

Core Focus areas:

  1. Financial services
  2. Insurance
  3. Industrials
  4. Energy sector.